What Hundreds are saying?

The main reason I needed your service was because frankly, my relationship was failing and I was in a very dark place. There was not a minute in the day where my ego (inner voice) was not giving me a hard time. I was constantly battling my inner voice and found myself anxious, stressed, not eating, sleeping and having panic attacks.

The result was not something I thought was possible. Since finishing my 12 week program with Dan I have completely changed as a person. No longer do I suffer from panic attacks, I am not riddled with anxiety and I am no longer battling with my ego. Everything is calm internally these days and to be honest I CAN’T remember when I last felt like this.

I was a big fan of what people thought about me and this is something I no longer care about. I used to think going out, having a drink and being ‘that guy’ with expensive things was the way to live. The shift from that to now not caring and doing what feels comfortable is indescribable. I no longer find myself out, drinking or feeling the need to socialise just because I have to. I have taken up meditation, attended breathwork events and even gone to buddhist centres to meditate on my own or with a group of people. If someone told me this is what I would be doing a year ago I would have laughed and said ‘fuck off’. Gone are the days of trying to be someone I am not. I now feel like the universe has a plan for me and I am so excited for the future.

You take such a genuine interest in better people and that shines through in everything you do. This allowed me to trust you 100% and I just knew you cared and I would not be judged for anything I said or done.

You are caring, show empathy, personal and most of all you just get it. I constantly felt safe when discussing my mistakes, concerns and even the future with you. This allowed me to be as open as I ever have been with someone which resulted in better results. Each technique, each homework, assignment and every session was tailored to what I needed.

I already have told anyone and everyone about your service and would not hesitate in recommending you.”

Stacey Freeman 

The results have been incredible, I have changed my career from a director in the finance industry which wasn’t serving me anymore to being a breath work and cold water immersion facilitator! 
I have a stronger relationship with my partner and son, my family have said I’m nicer to be around and a lot more “chilled” I myself am now living on purpose not pleasure (alcohol) and from this i am fulfilling my gift which brings me happiness. 
What I loved about Dan’s service was how responsive he is, he is literally on hand daily and when you’re having a moment where you want to give in to the demons he always comes back a meaningful message that sees you through. He is now a true friend and I respect him a lot for his work. 

If you’re a man and can resonate with the problems
Dan talks about, BOOK the call. Stop living miserably & take the step forward. If you give yourself 100% during your time with him and do the practice he asks of you then you will go far. 
Before i booked I made all the excuses, I don’t have the time or the money to invest but when I stopped talking rubbish and actually committed to it neither of the excuses were a problem. 
If I was to refer a friend to this coaching I would say it’s going to be a great journey with some bumps along the way but the growth you’ll achieve from this will change your life.
I chose Dan based on the vulnerability he shows online daily, it’s hard for a man to be vulnerable so I respected him for that from the off. 
3 benefits from joining:
1. Increased self worth, confidence and esteem 
2. I now take action on the life I want, always moving the needle forward 
3. I no longer rely on alcohol to make me ‘happy’ or to ease the anxiety- I turn to breathwork! 

Thank you again Dan, my life is now on track and my mindset is much healthier as well as my approach to physical health. I now have a box of tools to turn to when life gets tough. 

Gentleman, please don’t carry on living miserably, invest in yourself for 12 weeks and I promise you, you’ll never regret this decision.