From a young age I felt like I was a highly sensitive individual, I found the world a hard place to navigate and could not make sense of what was appropriate to express or how to act in certain environments and situations. I suffered with anxiety which would later in life turn into severe depression.

Unable to view the world in the way I wished, I attempted to fit into many environments by learning how to cover up my emotions, the idea behind this was that I would be accepted. But through suppressing it all, I attracted many traumatic events including being severely bullied from the age of 9 until I left school.

learning about my story

Bullying would be a continuous theme in my late teens and 20’s where I experienced this in the workplace and was on the receiving end of domestic violence in my relationship.

Sport was my only savior in these early periods of my life, I played to a good level in Football and Cricket. Providing me with escapism and an opportunity to release those emotions that had been previously bottled up. At times the emotions that I had suppressed exploded and would be borderline violent.

However, these environments always had an underlying toxic narrative which came with their own pressures of who you were allowed to be. To be “cool” or “popular” even as far as being “celebrated” you had to adhere to fit into this box or be outcasted.

After a failed relationship or 2, the success story that was painted for me as a child (marriage, working for a big HR business, kids and owning my own home) was a faraway fairy tale. Through these pressures and traumas in life I turned to alcohol and substance abuse. I attempted to take my own life twice and on the second occasion was critically ill. As a result, I lost my job, was declared bankrupt, addicted to drugs, spent time in a mental health clinic and was forced to start rehab.

That moment, Spring 2012, was my ultimate rock bottom.

It was also the moment that my very obsession with human optimisation came to life, a passion was born, a fire lit and since that moment, my learning and thirst for my own personal development has never yielded to stop.

This was the wakeup call I required, the catalyst for change. To go on a mission to live my highest quality of life. All these life events happened to me for a reason, lessons I needed to learn to ultimately set me free and become the person I am today. Forming great empathy, compassion and learning to forgive my previous self.

I was just a man trying my best to make it through this thing called life. A victim of suppressing my emotions, bottling up the trauma, one of millions of men that have trod a similar path to myself. One of them men that just lost the knowledge of how to live authentically and embody healthy masculinity.

From this moment onwards I was keen to start exploring my own mental wealth, in an attempt to eradicate or lessen the negative self-talk. This led me to spending the past ten years working with gurus ranging from counsellors, therapists, mentors, coaches and feeling into spirituality. All have played a huge role in my development and growth. This work woke me up, realizing that wealth comes from the inside out not the other way around.

 I was fed up with society's pressures and how they were dictating my own ideas of success. Feeling the pressure to be a certain way, look a certain way, act a certain way. I was sick of comparing myself to others, to what and who society said I ‘should’ be. I can now look back with pride on my journey, my unique successes. Overcoming addiction, no longer a victim to domestic violence creating a healthy, balanced lifestyle, running my own successful businesses this being my 2nd (I once believed I wasn’t intelligent enough). I have discovered what a healthy relationship looks and feels like, I’ve created a growing circle that celebrates me and wants me to achieve (yes, those people do exist). I’ve broken through the fears and limiting beliefs that once held me back.The states that no longer serve me.
But most important of all, I’ve cultivated mental wealth, healed from trauma, creating my highest quality of life and inner peace. Oh, my word from the place what you can create is beyond expectations.

My mission is now set in stone. To support men on their own unique journey. To free men from the external definitions of success. Walking alongside them in their own unique path. To align with our own unique set of values. To create more meaning and purpose in life.

Teaching and coaching men on how to heal. Access mental wealth. Create deeper connections with themselves and others. Freedom from the inside out.

No man should want to take their own life, no man deserves to live a life of isolation. We are all deserving of happiness and community.
By being truly ourselves, we can access that.

To live our highest quality of lives.

But most important of all, creating mental resilience through vulnerability and internal peace.

Daniel’s experience & Certifications

These are all Modalities and disciplines we’re using when working together

 Breath work

Mindfulness meditation

Non – Violent communications

Shadow work & integration

Spiritual Wisdom

Improved relationships

10years + Knowledge in personal development 

Life Visioning 

Nervous system regulation 

Inner child therapy

 Deep life changing tools, practices and daily rituals to enhance your life

Masculine Feminine energy dynamics.


Goal setting & accountability

Somatic experiencing 

I have scored at three premier league stadiums, one in front of 10,000 people.

I am in the top 1% of Kings of Leon listeners (So Spotify tells me).

My Nan makes the best apple crumble in the world (FACT).

My mission is to help others live a life that is truly defined by their own personal values, creating deeper connection and led by purpose.

By doing so I can help showcase the benefits of emotional wealth, so that we as a society can stand together, celebrate our own uniqueness and create heart led men for the generation of tomorrow. 

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THANKS TO DAN, I can’t wait for my future and that has been a long time coming. If you can work with him, DO - it’s amazingly powerful.


Im so grateful that I took the step in reaching out to Dan, I’ve learnt so much about myself, my emotions AND HOW TO HANDLE TRIGGERS.


The energy he brings to his practice is infectious. The positivity he LIVES AND breathes after his own experiences is SO inspiring.