Daniel Constable is an EQ coach & entrepreneur. Daniel supports high achieving business owners, entrepreneurs, athletes and creatives. Daniel set up his first business in 2017 within the construction recruitment industry which would see him support thousands of individuals at management to director level. Daniel has traveled the world meeting & seeking out some of the market leaders in human optimisation and spiritual teachers. Today Daniel has spent over a decade investing & exploring his own personal development, mental wealth and spiritual growth. Daniel has always had a thirst and love for personal transformation. Over the last few years Daniel has kept transforming, upgrading his skill set, learning, failing and growing, finally realising that his deep love, soul calling was to be in service of others. To help support others personal growth & professional lives.
Today Daniel helps support many conscious high achievers, master their internal world so from that space they can create a life full of freedom, purpose and deepen their own relationships. Daniel is a certified coach and somatic therapist. Using a multi-modality approach, combining his own spiritual wisdom, innovative life strategies and breaking patterns that have kept individuals playing life safe. Helping his clients get life changing results. So, they can also live their highest quality of life.

Daniel now lives in the UK & Europe with his Fiancée Kady(Women’s Holistic coach) and his other best Friend, Nelly, his dog. Sharing his work with as many people as possible.


Daniel’s experience & Certifications

These are all Modalities and disciplines we’re using when working together

 Breath work

Mindfulness meditation

Non – Violent communications

Shadow work & integration

Spiritual Wisdom

10years + Knowledge in personal development

Life Visioning 

Nervous system regulation 

Inner child therapy

Masculine Feminine energy dynamics.


Goal setting & accountability

Somatic experiencing